Uses Of Kosher Gelatin
Explore the Possibilities
Gelatin is versatility personified.It’s a wonder additive with a remarkable range of applications from texture and health enhancements to ingredier replacement.Speak to a representative to discover how you can benefit from kolatin!
In addition to its gelling properties, Kolatin real kosher gelatin can stabilize, emulsify, texturize, aerate, clarify, bind, film, and coat.
Kolatin real kosher gelatin is an important additive in marshmallows, jelly desserts, chewing gum, ice cream, puddings, packaged desserts,
and table jelly.
It’s also ideal for chilled, canned or coated meat products, frozen and cultured dairy foods, confections, syrups, pharmaceuticals, clarified wine, beer or fruit juices, and dietary products.
Kolatin real kosher gelatin is also used in the production of many semi-fat or low-fat products, such as semi-fat butter or margarine, low-fat pastries, reduced fat cheeses, soft cheeses, and sugar-free gum-based confections.
Speak to a Kolatin representative to discover how you can improve your product while expanding your consumer base, by using Kolatin in your product’s formulation.
Increase Your Marketability
Top into the $14 billion kosher consumer products market! use kolatin real kosher gelatin in your products – it is the most marketable kosher gelatin available.
Traditionally, kosher foods were the domain of Jews adhering to religious dietary laws. That has long since changed. According to extensive independent market research, over 10.5 million Americans buy kosher food; less than 20% of these keep kosher laws.
Kosher food is perceived by many as being subjected to a higher level of scrutiny and quality control. Many feel that it is more “pure”, and that it has a superior taste.
The fact is that 40% of foods sold in US supermarkets today are kosher.
Going kosher with Kolatin is a simple solution to help you access the powerful kosher market and generate sales.
Consider The Following
  • 15% annual growth rate of the kosher market
  • 500,000 items are kosher certified
  • 2,500 items are added each year
  • Only 15% of kosher consumers cite religious reasons
  • 55% believe kosher food is safer and healthier
  • 38% cite vegetarian or vegan as motivation
  • Annual kosher sales projected at $17 billion by 2013
What Makes Kolatin Real Kosher Gelatin Kosher?
Learn more about the “kosher science” behind kolatin real kosher gelatin.
Although it is a bovine derivative, kolatin real kosher gelatin does not have the status of a meat product (“fleishig”). A comprehensive treatment of these complex laws is beyond the scope of this site. However, the following is a simplified synopsis of the rationale behind this rabbinic ruling:
1. Hides that are chemically decomposed lose their legal (halakhic) status of food.
2. The new substance’s subsequent use as an ingredient serves to legally “reconstitute” it, thus achieving the status of food anew. Specifically, gelatin is considered a “ma’amid” – a food stabilizer, which can not be negated.
3. Therefore, the hides must be derived from kosher sources, e.g. glatt kosher hides. However, the fleishig status does not get reinstated,
and it is a parve (neutral; non-meat and non-dairy) product.

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