Glatech produces a variety of products that offer exceptional quality and marketability for the kosher consumer market. In addition to our showcase item, Kolatin real kosher unflavored gelatin, we also produce a full line of delicious dessert and marshmallow products.
Kolatin Real Kosher Gelatin
KolatinĀ® kosher gelatin is a tasteless, odorless powder with a pale yellow color and is available in various bloom strengths and mesh sizes. KolatinĀ® kosher gelatin is a pure gelatin powder specially processed for easy and rapid dispersion in cold water. Kolatin does not require any pretreatment such as blooming prior to use, unlike leaf gelatin and other granulated gelatins. Our standard pack size is a 100 lb. drum.

Elyon Marshmallow

Elyon marshmallows are available in various sizes and shapes for special order. All Glatech products are available in industrial bulk packaging options, in addition to consumer packages sold in supermarkets. Contact us for details.

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