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  Founded in 1991, Glatech is the exclusive manufacturer of 100% kosher, real bovine gelatin. Our premium gelatin ingredient is produced in a state-of the-art facility Using only domestic glatt kosher hides with the highest standard of qualtiy control and kosher supervision.  
Glatech Productions was founded by the legendary Rabbi Shimon D. Eider, a trailblazer in the kosher food industry. Besides for his formal training as an expert in kosher laws and standards, Rabbi Eider’s years of hands-on experience and know-how gave him a unique knowl­edge of food production. His life’s mission was to elevate the standards of halachaobservance and kosher supervision, and to raise aware­ness of kashrus issues.
Because of his hands-on knowledge and experience in the kosher food industry, he was uniquely equipped to assist the kosher consumer by helping to make the highest quality foods available.
It was in the early 1960’s when Rabbi Eider first began analyzing the formidable challenges in producing bovine gelatin that would be both kosher and parve (of non-meat or dairy status). His numerous obligations necessitated relegating his research to back-burner status, but in the 1980’s he resumed his pursuit with determination.
Rabbi Eider finally brought his goal to fruition, producing the first production of Kolatin® Kosher Gelatin in 1991. To this day, Glatech remains unique as producers of bovine derived gelatin that is universally accepted by kosher certification authorities as kosher, parve and kosher for Passover.
In addition to the Kolatin® Real Kosher Gelatin unflavored ingredient and flavored gelatin desserts, Glatech is the producer of the complete line of Elyon® kosher marshmallows products.

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